Superintendent  Dr. Kevin Myers

Deputy Superintendent  Dr. Sarah Cacciatore

Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations Cathy Johnson

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources/Legal Shane McCreery

Assistant Superintendent of Student Services  Jamie DiCarlo

Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning Stacey Gorman

Chief Financial Officer T. Rancak

Chief Information Officer  Daniel Crowe

Director of Facilities & Maintenance David Zaremba

Director of Human Resources Tina Routledge

Director of Linguistic Programs  Ryan Zak  

Director of Public Relations  Peter Gill

Director of Teaching and Learning PreK-5 Jill Unger

Director of Teaching and Learning 6-12 Gabrielle Devlin

Principal, Carl Sandburg Middle School  Mark Pilut

Assistant Principal, Carl Sandburg Middle School  Ryan Wood

Principal, Lincoln Early Learning Center  Katie O'Brien

Principal, Mechanics Grove School  Tanya Fergus

Assistant Principal, Mechanics Grove School  Louise Bertaud

Principal, Washington Early Learning Center  Stephanie Drake

Assistant Principal, Washington Early Learning Center Sunny Morley