Parent Teacher Organization

Mission Statement

Building Bright Futures Together: United to create enrichment opportunities for our community.

If you are a parent, teacher, or community member in District 75 you’re invited to participate in the variety of fundraising, programs and special events that are held throughout the school year. There are currently no dues to be an active member, so join us!

PTO Board & Directory 

President CSMS: Heather Magrow - Email
President MG: Lisa Laffey - Email
President WA: Elena Morris - Email
Treasurer: Jennifer Barrett - Email
Secretary: Laura Hearle  - Email
Facilitators CSMS:
Heather Demuth - Email 
Amy Albano- Email 
Facilitators MG: Marina Gutierrez- Email 
Nereida Arteaga- Email 
Facilitators Washington: Sarah Heuser- Email 


Contact your PTO president for questions or how to get involved Online fundraisers, including District 75 discount cards, are listed on our square link: