Project Challenge & Gifted Education

Program Goals
Project Challenge is a program designed to meet the special needs of the gifted and talented students in District 75. Students talented in language arts and/or math are cluster-grouped for acceleration and enrichment. Students are not formally identified until fourth grade.

The criteria used to determine placement in Project Challenge cluster groups include:
  • Student ability index (SAI) as determined by the Otis Lennon School Ability Test
  • Teacher and Parent recommendation
  • Reading and/or Math achievement on the STAR 360
Middle School Honors Class
In addition to the Language Arts cluster grouping at each grade level, there is a middle school honors class. The honors class serves as a replacement language arts class for highly gifted students. The goal of this program is to address skills and to utilize above-grade-level material. This class moves at a quicker pace than other Project Challenge cluster language arts classes.

Middle School Math Acceleration
Math acceleration in middle school includes two levels of advanced math at each grade level. Identified Project Challenge students take pre-algebra in sixth grade, algebra one in seventh grade, and algebra two in eighth grade. High-ability students may take these classes or enroll in the next grade-level math class.

For More Information
For more information about Project Challenge, please contact District 75 at (847) 949-2712