Beginning in June of 2010, teachers began to receive professional development
supporting the integration of technology into their daily instruction. The goal is to
use technology as a tool that transforms students’ learning, not as a substitute for
“paper and pencil”. Training will be provided by the Technology Integration
Specialists, who will differentiate instruction in the sessions based on the skills
teachers demonstrated on the Atomic Learning Online Assessment.

Tech Academy, 3 hours each:
  • 21st Century Learning and Lesson Design
  • Digital Media
  • Maximizing Learning with Interactive White Boards
    Tech Boot Camp, 3 hours each – must complete both sessions:
    New laptop computers will be distributed to teachers for individual use
    or sharing upon successful completion of both sessions of Tech Boot Camp.
  • Getting to Know Your Computer
  • Passport to Digital Citizenship
Tech Academy courses will be repeated throughout the 2010-2011 school year.
Ongoing professional development will be provided through after-school workshops,
release time, institute days, early release time, collaboration and staff meetings.
This includes reinforcement of summer training, as well as new content. The draft
2010-2011 professional development calendar was created by a subgroup of the
District Leadership Team.

Teachers have also been “assigned” essential training modules through Atomic
Learning. This online resource is also available to District 75 students and families.

Classrooms are also equipped with Promethean Interactive White Boards.
Promethean has provided a train-the-trainer model of professional development
to the Tech Integration Specialists, and 9 other teacher leaders during August.
These teachers provide support to their colleagues at each building. Ongoing
support for the integration of Promethean Boards will be included throughout all
strands of professional development, including the integrated technology lessons
provided through the new math adoption.

Professional development costs will be paid through the Enhancing Education
Through Technology Title II-D Grant awarded to District 75 earlier this year.
The grant provides stipends to teachers for some training beyond the school
day/year. This includes stipends for 10 hours of assigned online learning through
Atomic Learning, and stipends for 12 hours to teachers for the completion of
Tech Boot Camp and Tech Academy training beginning this summer. Grade
level student products demonstrating what students have learned through the use
of technology will be shared, as a requirement of the EETT grant. Teachers
will develop these products in collaboration with grade level colleagues, aligned
with the NET Standards for Students.