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Mundelein Elementary School District 75
Library Collection Guidelines



Mundelein School District 75 operates one library at each school.  The goal of each library is to create an innovative environment and to provide materials and resources that enrich and support the educational goals of every student while fostering the love of reading. The library strives to meet the needs of all its users by curating a diverse multilingual collection on all levels of difficulty that provide students opportunities to self reflect and see the perspective of others.

Selection Process

The selection of materials and resources is based on an ongoing evaluation of the existing collection, the curriculum, student interests, and the diversity of the students, faculty, and staff.  In collaboration with the D75 Library Collection Committee and the Teaching and Learning Department, the District Library Staff curates school library collections based on input from students, staff, and school community members.  To help inform our selection, we review materials from publishers and professional educators and book reviews from reputable sources (, Booklist, School Library Journal,etc.).

Selection Criteria

In partnership with the D75 Library Collection  Committee and the Teaching and Learning Department, the Library Staff will curate library collections that are:

  • In Spanish and English to support our dual language program.
  • The Spanish text collection should be a mix of translations, bilingual, and authentic Spanish books.
  • Appropriate for the diversity and developmental levels of the students at that school.
  • Supportive of students’ learning.
  • Connected to students’ interests.
  • Representative of diverse viewpoints, cultures, and languages.
  • Promoting diversity and acceptance.
  • Including award winners.
  • Durable and visually appealing.
  • Balanced based on cost and need.

Weeding Guidelines

 In partnership with the D75 Library Collection Committee and the Teaching and Learning Department, the Library Staff assume the responsibility for the quality and quantity of the library collection.  In order to keep the collection current and maintain credibility and engagement,  they must remove (weed) materials following the District 75 Weeding Guidelines.   A planned method of weeding is an integral part of maintaining resources and is an ongoing process. 

U-MOW is our D75 weeding practice.

  • U - Usage statistics (frequency of checkout/circulation)
  • M - Multiple copies
  • O - Outdated nonfiction or fiction (currency, accuracy, relevancy, appropriateness)
  • W - Worn or tattered


The Library Staff will continuously monitor the collection at each school library for books that need to be weeded based on these guidelines.

Adapted from the American Library Association


Donated materials that are in accordance with School Board Policy 8:80 Gifts to the District, are accepted at the discretion of the library staff and judged by the selection criteria in these guidelines.

Book Challenges

If any stakeholder has questions or concerns about a library resource, they are encouraged to first contact the school library staff and school principal to gather more information.  If the material remains a concern and the individual wants the material removed, the District will proceed with a formal reconsideration process that includes the following steps:

  1. The concerned individual will fill out the Curriculum Complaint Form.
  2. Library Committee members will read the book and reviews about the book.  If the book is in a language other than English and a translation is not available, committee members will be chosen that understand the language.
    1. We will not include the identified school’s Library Staff due to a conflict of interest, but we will ask the school librarian to provide the rationale for the book’s place in the collection.
    2. The Teaching and Learning Department will invite two community members to join the committee for this process.
    3. The complainant will not join the committee for this process due to a conflict of interest.
  3. Each Library Collection Committee member will complete a rubric evaluating the book prior to the discussion with the committee and after the discussion occurs.
  4. The Library Collection Committee will meet for no more than one hour to discuss the book.
  5. The Library Committee members will fill out a confidential form giving feedback on whether or not they believe the book should be kept in the library or removed.
  6. The Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning will make a decision considering the feedback from the Library Collection Committee and
    1. Write a letter to the school librarian, principal, Library Collection Development Committee and complainant notifying them of the decision.
    2. Notify the D75 School Board and Superintendent of the decision.
  7. The complainant has the right to appeal to the Superintendent.

*A parent/guardian can always request that their student does not read a particular book.  This reconsideration procedure is for when someone is requesting the removal of a book.

*An informational meeting will be held with the committee and two community members so that they are aware of the process. 

*Resources used in committee review process include:

  2. (American Library Association)

*If a book is removed from the school library, it will also be removed from classroom libraries.

Created May 2023