Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology

District 75's 1-to-1 Chromebook Program

District 75 believes technology enhances the education of students by changing the role of teachers from being the sole director of learning to partnering with students and facilitating the learning process. To do this, it is the goal of our 1:1 program to provide universal, ubiquitous access for all students beginning in 3rd grade. This ensures students have access to online instructional materials and tools to further their understanding of content. District 75's 1:1 Chromebook initiative, meaning that every student will receive a Chromebook, is meant to further personalize the way each student uses time, receives support to master essential skills, deepens understanding of content, and increases their ability to share their new knowledge in unique ways.

Students in grades K-2 have access to ipads in the classroom to use for instructional purposes at strategic points throughout the school day.

Student Privacy

Mundelein School District 75 cares about the privacy and security of our students’ data.  We operate and maintain compliance with the Student Online Personal Protection Act (SOPPA).  Additional student privacy laws can be found on the D75 Technology Page.

SOPPA was implemented on July 1, 2021.  The Act requires that third party companies that students and staff access digitally comply with student privacy agreements.  These agreements indicate that any data stored will be safeguarded and can not be sold or given away.  The list of third party agreements used in Mundelein School District 75 can be found here: D75 SOPPA Agreements

Digital Citizenship

While working in a digital and collaborative environment, students should always conduct themselves as good digital citizens by remembering the following:

  • Respect Yourself. You help respect yourself through the actions you take online. Be sure to always use caution when selecting information, images and other media you use. In addition, carefully consider what personal information you post. Be sure that they always act with integrity.
  • Protect Yourself. Be sure that no matter what you place online will put you at risk. Under no circumstances should you publish personal details, contact information, or daily schedules of activities. Always protect your passwords and accounts. If you think that your information has been compromised, please tell your parents or a teacher as soon as possible who will help you with next steps.
  • Respect Others. Never use online means to antagonize, bully, harass, stalk people, or hack into their accounts. Do not visit websites that are degrading to others, pornographic, racist, or inappropriate.
  • Protect Others. If you find that others are being harmed online, it is your responsibility to tell a trusted adult who can help you with next steps.
  • Respect Intellectual Property. Always ask permission or suitably cite all websites, books, media, etc. In addition, always validate information by finding the information in more than one location.
  • Protect Intellectual Property You will request to use the software and media others produce. You will use free and open source alternatives rather than pirating software. You will purchase, license, and register all software. You will purchase my music and other media and refrain from distributing these in a manner that violates their licenses. You will act with integrity.

Technology Support

The Technology Department is responsible for providing assistance to students and staff.  The Technology Department oversees the following:

  • Desktop and laptop computers
  • Electronic devices (iPads, laptops, projectors, etc.)
  • Network equipment (servers, Routers, wifi access)
  • Network security and updates
  • Printers
  • Data back-up

If you need technical assistance, please email and indicate your student’s name, school building and the technical support needed within the email.

Responsible Use Policy (RUP)