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Washington teacher earns National Board Certification

Washington Teacher Award

Washington teacher earns National Board Certification


Lauren Andrick, a first-grade teacher at Washington School, recently earned National Board Certification.

 “I’m grateful for the journey to become a National Board Certified teacher. I was able to examine, analyze, reflect and grow in my practice over an extended period of time. I selected an Early/Middle Childhood literacy path that was my passion and allowed me to explore the impact I have on literacy instruction,” said Andrick.

National Board Certification is the highest credential that an educator can earn in the United States. Board certification is a rigorous process that requires educators to showcase and meet several standards by portfolio entries and various assessments.  

Board certification benefits both educators and students by providing valuable professional development that educators can implement by improving the quality of education and meeting students' needs.

Andrick, who has been teaching at Washington for eight years, explained that: “I am very appreciative of the support I was provided. I am proud yet humbled by the experience and am looking forward to continued impact on student growth and achievement.”

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