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Author's message of kindness helps turn D75 readers into empathetic writers

In a special visit to District 75, Children’s author Trudy Ludwig used her book, “The Invisible Boy,” to inspire elementary students to be kind, inclusive and accepting. Then she invited middle school students to continue spreading her message by creating their own picture books. Read More

Bring your books to BratFest

School District 75’s BratFest has always had something for everyone, from food to games to live music. This year the 53rd annual event will include a Book Trade allowing students and adults to swap one of their own books for another one. Read More

Eighth-grade blogger becomes keynote speaker

A lot of middle school students struggled with remote learning during the pandemic. But only Carl Sandburg eighth-grader Kennedy Gallagher wrote a blog about it. Read More

Students take journey to space in STEM classroom project

​The students in Todd Katz’ seventh-grade STEM class are on a mission. They are trying to rescue Tyro, a fictional space exploration robot that’s gone missing on a distant planet. In order to find him, they’ve got to use a bit of science and a lot of math. Read More

D75 libraries work together to update book collection

School libraries these days, often called multimedia centers, and are equipped with computers, video screens, art supplies and games. But amidst all the new gadgets and high-tech equipment are books. Shelves and shelves of books. Read More

Student writer publishes first blog

It took a pandemic for Carl Sandburg eighth-grader Kennedy Gallagher to truly appreciate school. But she’s always been passionate about writing. So when students were told about an opportunity to be published on a blog, Kennedy stepped forward. Read More