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MHS senior creates backdrop for middle school musical

When Carl Sandburg Band Director Moulee Gupta was searching for a backdrop for the school’s annual musical, “Descendants,” she hoped to find something special to match the enthusiasm her students were putting into the show. “It was just about finding the right people to make the magic come alive,” she said. Read More

High School Spanish students visit elementary dual language classroom

​A few years ago, when David Martinez Sanchez was a student at Mechanics Grove, he remembers being nervous when high school students visited as part of a Spanish Pen Pal program. On Wednesday, the Mundelein High School sophomore was back at MG, this time to visit his fifth-grade pen pal. Read More

Author's message of kindness helps turn D75 readers into empathetic writers

In a special visit to District 75, Children’s author Trudy Ludwig used her book, “The Invisible Boy,” to inspire elementary students to be kind, inclusive and accepting. Then she invited middle school students to continue spreading her message by creating their own picture books. Read More

Bring your books to BratFest

School District 75’s BratFest has always had something for everyone, from food to games to live music. This year the 53rd annual event will include a Book Trade allowing students and adults to swap one of their own books for another one. Read More

D75 libraries work together to update book collection

School libraries these days, often called multimedia centers, and are equipped with computers, video screens, art supplies and games. But amidst all the new gadgets and high-tech equipment are books. Shelves and shelves of books. Read More

Bringing a new mindset to assessing dual language students

A teacher slowly crouches next to a young student who just finished reading a short book. The student’s home language is Spanish and he’s just beginning to read English text. The teacher asks, in English, what the book is about. The child looks up, hesitates and tries to find the right words to describe what he has just read. But he struggles to explain what he’s thinking. Gently, she asks him to answer in Spanish. His answer is short, but telling. Read More