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School nurses shine in Mundelein schools


Well before the pandemic hit, school nurses were taking care of much more than skinned knees, bloody noses and the occasional breakouts of head lice. COVID-19 certainly highlighted the importance of school nurses, but these health care professionals have always played a critical role in our students’ education. Districts 75 and 120 will pay tribute to its nursing team during National School Nurse Day on Wednesday, May 11. Read More

Book Clubs empower students to think critically while reading


Books face heavy competition for time in a kid’s world. Between social media videos, music apps, television, sports, and video games, it’s a wonder they ever have time to pick up a book. But District 75 administrators may have found one way to make books more enticing to their students. They’ve added book clubs as a small group literacy instruction option at Washington, Mechanics Grove and Carl Sandburg schools. The program is designed to develop students into active, thinking readers. Read More

MG students stick to reading, principal sticks to wall

Duct Tape

MG students stick to reading, principal sticks to wall Read More

MG third-graders lead book drive for Belize


MG third-graders lead book drive for Belize Read More

Crossing guard honored for quick action

Crossing guard

A school crossing guard’s job can be pretty routine. But it’s how they react to those unexpected moments that is critical to the safety of the students. Read More