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Crossing guard honored for quick action

Crossing guard
A school crossing guard’s job can be pretty routine. But it’s how they react to those unexpected moments that is critical to the safety of the students.
Crossing guard Jay Krasne had one of those moments on a rainy morning in early October.
After turning on a flashing yellow traffic light on Midlothian Road at Killarney Pass Drive near Mechanics Grove Elementary School, he noticed a car that was not slowing down. Students began crossing but the driver still didn’t reduce speed. So Jay got out in front of the car with his stop sign held high until the driver saw him. The driver hit the brakes hard, skidding to a stop on the wet pavement.
No one was hurt, thanks to Jay’s attentiveness.
“This is why it’s so important to have these guards out there,” said Mechanics Grove Assistant Principal Louis Bertaud. “They’re vital. Kids crossing there are young and Midlothian is a big street.”
The school surprised Jay with a certificate of recognition on Monday, recognizing him for “ensuring the safety of our student body.” Presenting the certificate along with Bertaud was Mechanics Grove student Jackson Kohnen and his mom, Shannon Kohnen. The certificate was signed by Bertaud and Principal Tanya Fergus.
crossingguard certificate

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