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D75 community gathers to paint kindness rocks for Highland Park



KRocks_2_EventAcross rows and rows of tables in the Mechanics Grove gym, nearly 100 children, teachers and parents worked together on July 19 to decorate rocks to support the Highland Park community in the wake of its Fourth of July tragedy.

Some painted butterflies while others used markers to create their unique designs on the fist-size rocks. Small hands painted symbols such as hearts. Older kids and adults added inspirational messages to the rocks. No matter how the rocks were decorated, they all carried the same message: we care.

“It was great to see so many people come out for this event,” said Jamie DiCarlo,  Assistant Superintendent  of Student Services for Districts 75 and 120.

“We wanted to do something to help our neighbors in Highland Park and we wanted our community to be active in the healing process,” said Jill Unger,  District 75 Teaching and Learning Coordinator.

“We hope the children in Highland Park will see these messages on the rocks  and know we support them.” 

The rocks were placed around the Highland Park community to share the messages with residents. Additionally, a group of District 75 teachers traveled to Highland Park on July 21 to read to children books of kindness, positivity, and love.



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