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Mundelein principal takes a pie to the face

Pie in the face

With more than 150 people watching live, Mechanics Grove Principal, Tanya Fergus, took a pie to the face after students exceeded their fundraising goal.  


The PTO pie fundraiser was a little different this year. Instead of dessert pie, students sold Lou Malnati's Pizza Cards to raise money for their Camp Duncan trip next year. As an incentive, Principal Fergus promised she would “take a pie in the face if we sell 150 cards.” The top three students who sold the most pizza cards were also invited to watch in person.   

“Life is short! This makes kids smile and helps give them more incentive to sell cards, which raises money to help the schools,” said Fergus.   


Students sold 250 pizza cards raising $1250. The top three sellers were: Madison Doerr, Tyler Kohnen and Alison Catania.  


Doerr sold 19 pizza cards, Kohnen sold 14 pizza cards and Catania sold 13 pizza cards.   


Due to COVID-19, students and staff watched Fergus take a pie to the face via Zoom.   


“This is my fifth year taking a pie in the face,” said Fergus. “It wasn’t the same without 600 screaming spectators.”   


Mechanics Grove Assistant Principal, Jill Unger, got the honor of throwing a chocolate pie at Fergus. Before the event was over, Fergus surprised everyone as she returned the favor and threw a pie at Unger.  

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