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The Tiger Jazz Band performed last Tuesday in a virtual concert to end their music season this year. 


The first song we worked on this year is a Count Basie classic, "Flight of the Foo Birds".  With some great 1960's piano and xylophone interjections, this song is sure to have you whistling the tune long after the song ends!  We hope you enjoy "Flight of the Foo Birds" featuring Chloe Langford on Trombone.


Our next piece is a fiery Latin tune called "Sabor de Cuba".  The title means "Taste of Cuba" in English and shows off how well we can groove together as a band in the Cuban "Guaracha" style.  This  features Aidan Ross on Bari Saxophone, please enjoy "Sabor de Cuba"


We closed out our concert with a truly amazing rendition of "Feeling Good" by Chloe Langford on Vocals.  She has been working hard on this song the entire year and we found some professional players to play with her on this song.  Chloe also picks up her trombone and plays a solo in the middle, so look out for that!  We hope you enjoy "Feeling Good" featuring Chloe Langford.





Dear 6th Grade Band Families,


We are so pleased to share this 6th Grade Band Patriotic Solos Compilation with you!

The 6th-grade band strove to prepare this series of solo performances set to classic patriotic tunes!  Just prior to Spring Break, students were provided a solo that met them at their current level of proficiency.  It pushed them forward with the specific purpose of interpreting the musical style, that is, dynamics and articulations, and to apply it to their performance. The solos were rehearsed for six weeks during their group lessons, and ultimately prepared and performed on video with accompanying backing or “play along” tracks. 


Along the way, they learned perseverance, planning, and task management.  The students owned their learning, as they were responsible for seeking guidance on parts they were struggling with.  With this approach, we challenged them to develop life skills that go far beyond Band… to overcome adversity through persistence.  All the CSMS band directors supported the 6th-grade band students during this unit, and we’re really pleased with the result.


We are very proud of every one of these students - as they dove into the assignment and MADE MUSIC HAPPEN AGAIN during this COVID-crazy school year.  The series of videos are assembled into the attached YouTube videos.  Each of the three short, 19'ish minute videos, features 9 to10 different students, an introduction and a special message from… well, you’ll need to watch to find out who.  Enjoy!


6th Grade Band Patriotic Solos Compilation


We hope that you will be able to sit down as a family and enjoy this fun presentation that celebrates the dedication and tenacity of our 6th-grade band students!

6th Grade: 

After returning from Winter Break, the CSMS 6th grade band has been preparing a series of solo performances set to classic Disney movie tunes.

Prior to Winter Break, students had the opportunity to select their solo, rehearse on their own and during lessons, and ultimately prepared and performed on video with accompanying backing or “play along” tracks.

The goal of this unit was to introduce new approaches to rhythmic counting and to develop a new range of performance capabilities associated with style notations on their music.

These techniques take students far beyond just the notes on the page.  Along the way, they learned perseverance, planning and task management, overcame adversity, and the ever-popular “stick-to-it-iveness.”

Please click here to view our 6th Grade Band Disney Solo Extravaganza. 




7th Grade:

Ever since the last band concert in December, the CSMS 7th grade band students have been working diligently to learn the songs in their newest performance. 


In a normal full band song (like The Lost Lady Found), there are usually multiple instruments playing the same part. In these small ensemble pieces, each student usually only has one other person playing with them. Although this put pressure on the students, they've risen to the challenge.


Please click here to view the CSMS 7th grade band performance. 


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