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Carl Sandburg Middle School Virtual Art Gallery  


Artwork created by Carl Sandburg Middle School students is now available for viewing in the first-ever Virtual Art Gallery.  


After Spring Break, Carl Sandburg Middle School students would typically begin preparing their submissions for the Mundelein High School All-Area Art Show, which takes place in April. Due to COVID-19, Lisa Shirley, a visual arts teacher at Carl Sandburg Middle School, began exploring alternative ways to showcase their artwork.  


“What a disappointment that the many pieces of art that we created and collected over the course of the school year would not be shown,” Shirley said. “Our middle school students are talented, creative and dedicated to their artmaking.”   


The Virtual Art Gallery is updated by students as they submit their artwork and a brief artist statement. Although students can submit various projects, there are grade level highlights that viewers can expect to see in the future:  


  • Sixth Grade: Zentangle Relief Sculptures and Human Figure Drawing
  • Seventh Grade: “Take a Walk with a line” Abstract Art and Worm’s Eye View Cityscape 
  • Eighth Grade: “I Am” Self Portrait Collage and Human Figure Drawing


“The importance is in students being able to communicate and express their dreaming and thinking,” she said. “To me, there is nothing more beautiful, inspiring and hopeful than the artwork of our youth.”  


The Carl Sandburg Middle School Virtual Art Gallery is available for viewing at CSMS Online Art Gallery

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